In Treatment

In Treatment

In the first three seasons, as Dr. Paul Weston continues to struggle with the aftermath of his divorce, he faces new emotional and physical challenges - including hand tremors that he fears might be the onset of Parkinson's Disease, which killed his father. Meanwhile, he takes on three challenging new patients and turns to a new therapist of his own.

In fourth season, the reimagining of the series is set in 2021 Los Angeles and brings a diverse trio of patients in session with the observant, empathetic Dr. Brooke Taylor to help navigate a variety of modern concerns. Issues such as the global pandemic and recent major social and cultural shifts are a backdrop to the work Brooke will undertake – all while she deals with complications in her own personal life.

Tür: Drama,Medical
Dizi Başlangıç Tarihi: 28.01.2008
Dizi Bitiş Tarihi: 01.12.2010
Yeni Bölüm: -
Son Yayınlanan Bölüm: S04E24 - Brooke - Week 6 - 28.06.2021
S04E24Brooke - Week 628.06.2021İzlemedim
S04E23Laila - Week 628.06.2021İzlemedim
S04E22Colin - Week 627.06.2021İzlemedim
S04E21Eladio - Week 627.06.2021İzlemedim
S04E20Brooke - Week 521.06.2021İzlemedim
S04E19Laila - Week 521.06.2021İzlemedim
S04E18Colin - Week 520.06.2021İzlemedim
S04E17Eladio - Week 520.06.2021İzlemedim
S04E16Brooke - Week 414.06.2021İzlemedim
S04E15Laila - Week 414.06.2021İzlemedim
S04E14Colin - Week 413.06.2021İzlemedim
S04E13Eladio - Week 413.06.2021İzlemedim
S04E12Brooke - Week 307.06.2021İzlemedim
S04E11Laila - Week 307.06.2021İzlemedim
S04E10Colin - Week 306.06.2021İzlemedim
S04E09Eladio - Week 306.06.2021İzlemedim
S04E08Brooke - Week 231.05.2021İzlemedim
S04E07Laila - Week 231.05.2021İzlemedim
S04E06Colin - Week 230.05.2021İzlemedim
S04E05Eladio - Week 230.05.2021İzlemedim
S04E04Brooke - Week 124.05.2021İzlemedim
S04E03Laila - Week 124.05.2021İzlemedim
S04E02Colin - Week 123.05.2021İzlemedim
S04E01Eladio - Week 123.05.2021İzlemedim

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