Circle Square

Circle Square

Circle Square is an animated comedy for children 4-6 about a community of nine houses, each home to a character or family. Vanessa the Dragon, owner of the rainbow lighthouse, helps out with everyday dilemmas and each episode features a different friend in need of her help (and sometimes she needs theirs!)

The households in the community include a yeti, a family of emergency service owls, a keyboard and a drum, a family of wizards, a grumpy dog, an elderly adventuring bear and a couple of walking, talking pine trees. Their companionship also extends to neighbouring islands in the archipelago of the Wyndley Isles, and to friends and family who come to visit them..

Tür: Comedy,Children
Dizi Başlangıç Tarihi: 19.07.2021
Dizi Bitiş Tarihi:
Yeni Bölüm: -
Son Yayınlanan Bölüm: S01E36 - Babysitter - 14.08.2022
S01E40What the Dickens? Tarih Yok
S01E37I Love You Tarih Yok
S01E35Sports Day13.08.2022İzlemedim
S01E34Submarine Drive07.08.2022İzlemedim
S01E33Circle Square Singers06.08.2022İzlemedim
S01E32Story School31.07.2022İzlemedim
S01E31Grindle Time30.07.2022İzlemedim
S01E30Pizza Mystery Tarih Yok
S01E29Diwali Island04.11.2021İzlemedim
S01E28Spooky Cheese Tarih Yok
S01E27Green Island02.11.2021İzlemedim
S01E26Taking a Fence01.11.2021İzlemedim
S01E25Dinosaur Island29.10.2021İzlemedim
S01E23Perfect Place27.10.2021İzlemedim
S01E22Funfair Island26.10.2021İzlemedim
S01E21The Jungle House25.10.2021İzlemedim
S01E20Chef Vanessa22.10.2021İzlemedim
S01E19The Outfit21.10.2021İzlemedim
S01E18Camping with Kazam20.10.2021İzlemedim
S01E17Finders Keepers19.10.2021İzlemedim
S01E16Treasure Island18.10.2021İzlemedim
S01E15Big Birthday20.08.2021İzlemedim
S01E12Bestest Book Day03.08.2021İzlemedim
S01E11Courtesy Kennel02.08.2021İzlemedim
S01E10Active Bear30.07.2021İzlemedim
S01E09Sunflower Contest29.07.2021İzlemedim
S01E08Everywhere Dragon28.07.2021İzlemedim
S01E07Sock Song27.07.2021İzlemedim
S01E06Haven't the Foggiest26.07.2021İzlemedim
S01E04Noisy Night22.07.2021İzlemedim
S01E03Where's my Armadillo?21.07.2021İzlemedim
S01E02Portrait of an Owl20.07.2021İzlemedim
S01E01New Pyjamas19.07.2021İzlemedim

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