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Tür: Drama,Crime,Medical

Harrow tells the story of Dr. Daniel Harrow, who is no ordinary forensic pathologist. Brilliant. Unorthodox. And a murderer? Harrow's total disregard for authority and his unfailing empathy for the dead help him solve even the most bizarre of cases. He is driven to give victims a voice and will bend every rule to get to the truth of what happened to them. But when a terrible secret from his past threatens his family, his career and himself, Harrow needs all his wit, wile and forensic g

Yeni Bölüm 26.05.2019 S02E03 Malum In Se
Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 19.05.2019 S02E02 Audere Est Facere
S02E04Aegri Somnia02.06.2019
S02E03Malum In Se26.05.2019
S02E02Audere Est Facere19.05.2019
S02E01Abo Imo Pectore12.05.2019