Training Day

Training Day

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Tür: Drama,Action,Crime

Inspired by the Oscar-winning movie, Training Day is a crime thriller that asks: do the ends justify the means? When a young, idealistic police officer goes undercover in the elite Special Investigation Section of the LAPD, he's tasked with spying on his new partner, a seasoned detective who engages in questionable methods. As this rogue cop starts teaching his principled trainee the way of the streets, they form an uneasy alliance that will irrevocably change the cours

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 20.05.2017 S01E13 Elegy Part: 2
S01E13Elegy Part: 220.05.2017
S01E12Elegy Part: 113.05.2017
S01E11Tunnel Vision06.05.2017
S01E09Bad Day At Aqua Mesa22.04.2017
S01E08Blurred Lines15.04.2017
S01E07Quid Pro Quo08.04.2017
S01E05Wages Of Sin02.03.2017
S01E04Code Of Honor23.02.2017
S01E03Trigger Time16.02.2017
S01E01Apocalypse Now02.02.2017