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Tür: Drama,Thriller

A conspiracy thriller, Paranoid, tells the story of a female GP who is murdered in a rural children's playground with an abundance of eyewitnesses. A group of detectives embark on what seems to be a straightforward murder investigation, but as they delve deeper into the case they are quickly drawn into the twists and turns of an ever-darkening mystery, which takes them unexpectedly across Europe.

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S01E08Episode 810.11.2016
S01E07Episode 703.11.2016
S01E06Episode 627.10.2016
S01E05Episode 520.10.2016
S01E04Episode 413.10.2016
S01E03Episode 306.10.2016
S01E02Episode 229.09.2016
S01E01Episode 122.09.2016