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Ride is a live action series that follows the adventures of Katherine "Kit" Bridges when she and her dad, Rudy, move to England for his new job at Covington Academy, an elite equestrian boarding school. Life at a new school is never easy – particularly when you are afraid to ride – but Kit will be able to handle any challenge she faces thanks to her new friend, TK, who just so happens to be the most stubborn and difficult horse at the Academy.

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 06.10.2016 S01E20 Dark Horse
S01E20Dark Horse06.10.2016
S01E19Let it Ride05.10.2016
S01E18Distractions & Deceptions04.10.2016
S01E17Trading Horses03.10.2016
S01E16Pros & Cons29.09.2016
S01E15T.K. Returns28.09.2016
S01E14Come Horse or High Water27.09.2016
S01E13We Need To Talk About Covington26.09.2016
S01E12Who Rules The School?22.09.2016
S01E10The Cup20.09.2016
S01E09After the Ball19.09.2016
S01E08Happy UnBirthday15.09.2016
S01E07One Lump or Two14.09.2016
S01E06Wild Horses13.09.2016
S01E05Gone Guy12.09.2016
S01E04Three's a Crowd08.09.2016
S01E03Hippophobia and Ophidiophobia07.09.2016
S01E02Dresses and Dressage06.09.2016