Stan Against Evil

Stan Against Evil

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"Stan Against Evil" follows Stanley Miller (McGinley), a sour, aging bulldog of a New England police sheriff who has recently lost his position as head honcho due to an angry outburst at a most inappropriate moment -- his wife's funeral. Impatient and judgmental, he's not exactly accepting or kind towards people from different walks of life. When the new, strong-willed sheriff Evie Barret (Varney) opens his eyes to the plague of angry demons haunting their sma

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 21.11.2018 S03E07 Intensive Scare Unit
S03E08Stan Against Evie21.11.2018
S03E07Intensive Scare Unit21.11.2018
S03E06Vampire Creek14.11.2018
S03E05Nubbin but Trouble14.11.2018
S03E04The Demon Who Came in From the Heat07.11.2018
S03E03Larva My Life07.11.2018
S03E02The Hex Files31.10.2018
S03E01Hell Is What You Make It31.10.2018