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Tür: Drama,Fantasy,Science-Fiction

In "Aftermath", the Copeland family (parents Karen and Joshua, and their children Dana, Brianna and Matt) battles for survival when civilization comes to an apocalyptic end, triggered by massive storms, meteor strikes, earthquakes and plague – and the rise of supernatural creatures.

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 20.12.2016 S01E13 Whispers of Immortality
S01E13Whispers of Immortality20.12.2016
S01E12Now That We Talk of Dying13.12.2016
S01E11Where the Dead Men Lost Their Bones06.12.2016
S01E10Hieronymo's Mad Againe29.11.2016
S01E09The Barbarous King22.11.2016
S01E08Here is No Water But Only Rock15.11.2016
S01E07What the Thunder Said08.11.2016
S01E06Madame Sosostris01.11.2016
S01E05A Clatter and a Chatter25.10.2016
S01E04Fever of the Bone18.10.2016
S01E03In Our Empty Rooms11.10.2016
S01E02In Rats Alley04.10.2016
S01E01RVL 676827.09.2016