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Tür: Crime,Thriller

The series, in the popular Nordic noir genre, explores a grisly crime from the point of view of the eyewitnesses. In "Eyewitness", two innocent teenage boys secretly meet up in the forest where they bear witness to a shooting and barely escape with their lives. Desperate to keep their relationship a secret and in fear of being found by the perpetrator, they remain silent but soon learn that what has been seen cannot be unseen and when you witness a horrible event it

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 18.12.2016 S01E10 Mother's Day
S01E12The Boy Who Cried Wolf 
S01E10Mother's Day18.12.2016
S01E09Savior Unknown11.12.2016
S01E08The Larsons' Dog04.12.2016
S01E07They Lied27.11.2016
S01E06The Yellow Couch20.11.2016
S01E05The Lilies13.11.2016
S01E04Crème Brulée06.11.2016
S01E03Bella, Bella, Bella30.10.2016
S01E02Bless the Beast and the Children23.10.2016
S01E01Buffalo '0716.10.2016