Queen Sugar

Queen Sugar

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Tür: Drama

Show centers on Nova Bordelon (Rutina Wesley), a formidable journalist and activist based in New Orleans. Her life, and that of her brother and their extended family, undergoes significant change when her sister, Charley, returns to Louisiana from Los Angeles to help run the family sugarcane farm.

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 11.09.2019 S04E13 I Am
S04E13I Am11.09.2019
S04E11I'm Sorry28.08.2019
S04E10Oh Mamere21.08.2019
S04E09Stare At The Same Fires14.08.2019
S04E08All The Borders07.08.2019
S04E07Of Several Centuries31.07.2019
S04E06By The Spit24.07.2019
S04E05Face Speckled10.07.2019
S04E04Skin Transparent03.07.2019
S04E03Where My Body Stops or Begins26.06.2019
S04E02I No Longer Imagine19.06.2019
S04E01Pleasure Is Black12.06.2019