Too Close to Home

Too Close to Home

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Tür: Drama

An 8-part drama, TOO CLOSE TO HOME, tells the story of a young woman from a modest upbringing who discovers she may have a bright future in Washington D.C.'s fast-paced political scene. When Anna (Danielle Savre) leaves her trailer park home in Alabama in a cloud of dust, she cuts all ties with her family and buries every element of her checkered past. Her friends in Washington think she comes from a wealthy family and know nothing of her real upbringing. Suddenly, the real Anna is exp

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 22.02.2017 S02E08 Blurred Lines
S02E08Blurred Lines22.02.2017
S02E06A Game of Chess08.02.2017
S02E05Car Trouble01.02.2017
S02E04A Happy Invasion25.01.2017
S02E03Blocked In18.01.2017
S02E02A Family Affair11.01.2017
S02E01The Mysterious Man04.01.2017