The Kettering Incident

The Kettering Incident

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Tür: Drama,Thriller,Mystery

Anna Macy (Debicki) left Kettering when she was just 14, shortly after her best friend disappeared when they were playing in the forest. When Anna returns 15 years later the town is struggling to survive. The community is being torn apart by clashes between environmentalists and loggers. Anna's reappearance causes a stir. Theories and rumours persist about what really happened to the girls that night – from Anna killing her best friend to alien abduction. Then another girl disappears.

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 15.08.2016 S01E08 The Homecoming
S01E08The Homecoming15.08.2016
S01E05The Forest25.07.2016
S01E04The Mill18.07.2016
S01E03The Search11.07.2016
S01E02The Lights04.07.2016