I Pranked My Parents!

I Pranked My Parents!

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Laugh out loud as kids set their parents up in hilarious situations! From fake yard sales to father daughter beauty pageants to breaking priceless antique vases, parents never see these pranks coming!

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 18.09.2016 S01E15 Kid Ninjas & Skipping School Pranks
S01E15Kid Ninjas & Skipping School Pranks18.09.2016
S01E14Lunchburgalar; Framed by a Fish09.09.2016
S01E13Hippie Teacher; Lost Puppy Prank08.09.2016
S01E12Kids in a Box & Broken Tiolet Pranks04.09.2016
S01E10Alien Invasions & Pirate Pranks28.06.2016
S01E09Lemonade Stand Robbers & Egg Thieves21.06.2016
S01E08Clown Freakout; Crazy Kid on the Loose18.05.2016
S01E07Blind Dentist; Criminal Kid04.05.2016
S01E06Mom's Clown Freakout23.02.2016
S01E05Broken Antique Vase Prank16.02.2016
S01E04Special Delivery Prank09.02.2016
S01E03Surprise Beauty Pageant Prank02.02.2016
S01E02Yard Sale Prank26.01.2016
S01E01Swedish Gamer Moves In!19.01.2016