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Tür: Comedy

Allison Lee, an aspiring DJ, decides to throw a warehouse party to celebrate her 25th birthday and attracts the attention of notorious club promoters, SvenAndSophie. But when the duo show up to Allison's party to hear her set, Allison scrambles to make it the most epic of parties, only to have it all fall apart disastrously. Over her melting ice cream cake, Allison wishes for a do over and she gets one. More than one, she discovers, as she continues to wake up and relive her birthday over and

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 29.06.2016 S01E12 Know Your Sound
S01E12Know Your Sound29.06.2016
S01E11Too Many People in the DJ Booth22.06.2016
S01E10No Requests15.06.2016
S01E09Don't Invite Your Ex08.06.2016
S01E08Match Your Beats01.06.2016
S01E07I'm on the List25.05.2016
S01E06Friends for the Bottle Service18.05.2016
S01E05It's Never Too Loud11.05.2016
S01E04Only the Bangers04.05.2016
S01E03No Shortcuts27.04.2016
S01E02Don't Repeat Repeat Yourself20.04.2016
S01E01Play the Hits20.04.2016