Raising Expectations

Raising Expectations

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Tür: Comedy,Family

The Wayneys are an amazing family. They're good looking, smart, talented, athletic, and popular. Paige Wayney is a best-selling author, and her husband Wayne is an architect. They have worked hard at raising their five children to be "multi-exceptional", and they succeeded… four times. Adam is an honours students and football quarterback. Bentley is a brilliant poet and cellist. Conner is a gifted dancer and actress. Derek is a master of gadgets. Their youngest son, Emmett, is a work i

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 23.10.2016 S01E14 The Haunter Becomes the Haunted
S01E14The Haunter Becomes the Haunted23.10.2016
S01E13The Frogmaster31.07.2016
S01E12The Telltale Doiing24.07.2016
S01E11The Nerds and the Bees17.07.2016
S01E10Family Business10.07.2016
S01E09The Hawk and the Drone03.07.2016
S01E07I Know What You Did Last Night19.06.2016
S01E06The Devil's Ottoman12.06.2016
S01E05The Great Hot Dog Escape05.06.2016
S01E04Whats Growing in Emmett's Room?29.05.2016
S01E03Dinner and a Ramp22.05.2016
S01E02Family Tree15.05.2016
S01E01Wayne's White Lie08.05.2016