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"Wrecked" is a single-camera comedy from up-and-coming writers Justin Shipley & Jordan Shipley and producer Jesse Hara, has set its ensemble cast. Described as Lost meets It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Wrecked follows a group of extremely diverse survivors of a plane crash on a remote island who must adjust to life in a dangerous new world that poses unique threats — mostly brought upon themselves. No longer plugged in, the group mu

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 02.10.2018 S03E09 Mrs. Stanwick
S03E10The Island Family02.10.2018
S03E09Mrs. Stanwick02.10.2018
S03E08The Dark Prince Returns25.09.2018
S03E06Hunt Day11.09.2018
S03E05Last Meal04.09.2018
S03E04A Game of Chest28.08.2018
S03E03Six Feet21.08.2018
S03E02Puke and Cigars14.08.2018
S03E01Bush Man07.08.2018