Time Traveling Bong

Time Traveling Bong

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Tür: Comedy

"Time Traveling Bong", is a three-episode limited series that takes viewers on a wild ride through an otherworldly experience and is set to premiere on April 20, 2016, following the season three finale of Broad City.

Time Traveling Bong centers on two cousins, played by Glazer and Downs, who discover a time traveling bong and ride high as they blaze through time. Their buzz is killed when the bong breaks and the cousins are forced to bounce a

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 22.04.2016 S01E03 Chapter 3: The End... ?
S01E03Chapter 3: The End... ?22.04.2016
S01E02Chapter 2: The Middle21.04.2016
S01E01Chapter 1: The Beginning20.04.2016