Alaska Aircrash Investigations

Alaska Aircrash Investigations

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Tür: Drama,Mystery,Travel

A wedding flyover that turned tragic. A commuter flight that mysteriously veered off course and slammed into a mountain. A pilot and passenger who survived a crash only to succumb to the raging currents of an icy waterway. These are just a few of roughly 100 aircraft accidents that occurred in Alaska in 2015 and challenged one of the busiest and most unique offices of the National Transportation Safety Board. Follow NTSB investigators as they attempt to determine the probable cause of each cr

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S01E06Plane Down In Big Lake17.04.2016
S01E05Lost In The Knik Arm10.04.2016
S01E04Disaster In The Tundra03.04.2016
S01E03Engine Out Over Kasilof27.03.2016
S01E02Trapper Creek Tragedy20.03.2016
S01E01Juneau Flight Down13.03.2016