The Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience

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Tür: Drama,Romance

"The Girlfriend Experience" is a 13-part anthology series which is inspired by the 2009 Magnolia Pictures film of the same title and executive produced by Steven Soderbergh and Philip Fleishman, explores the relationships between the exclusive courtesans and their clients, for whom they provide far more than just sex. Keough will star as Christine Reade, a law student at the University of Chicago and an intern at a prestigious law firm, who is intrigued when a friend

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 24.12.2017 S02E14 Bria: Relapse
S02E14Bria: Relapse24.12.2017
S02E13Erica & Anna: Free Fall24.12.2017
S02E12Bria: Making Amends17.12.2017
S02E11Erica & Anna: Citizens First17.12.2017
S02E10Bria: Living Like a Tornado03.12.2017
S02E09Erica & Anna: Family03.12.2017
S02E08Bria: Moral Inventory26.11.2017
S02E07Erica & Anna: Donors26.11.2017
S02E06Bria: Negotiation19.11.2017
S02E05Erica & Anna: Solicitation19.11.2017
S02E04Bria: Eggshells12.11.2017
S02E03Erica & Anna: The List12.11.2017
S02E02Bria: Admitting05.11.2017
S02E01Erica & Anna: Leverage05.11.2017