Real Detective

Real Detective

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With narrative driven exclusively by the detectives themselves, each episode ventures deep into the mind of a homicide detective as they describe in vivid detail the one case forever ingrained in their memory.

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 20.04.2017 S02E08 Angel Doe
S02E08Angel Doe20.04.2017
S02E07Puppet Master13.04.2017
S02E06Lambs To The Slaughter06.04.2017
S02E05Every Rose Has a Thorn30.03.2017
S02E04No Remorse23.03.2017
S02E03No One is Safe16.03.2017
S02E02The Riverside Killer09.03.2017
S02E01Blood Brothers02.03.2017