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Tür: Drama,Comedy

If you think the steamy sex, sensational scandals and heart wrenching heartbreak on Latino soap operas are a little extreme, just wait until you see what happens behind the scenes! Eva Longoria stars in this new comedy about Ana Sofia, a sizzling TV superstar, and her lively family of cast and crew all competing to steal the spotlight. When the cameras turn off, the drama turns up as Ana battles pesky network execs, drunken scriptwriters, narcissistic co-stars and an unfortunately familiar ne

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 22.02.2016 S01E11 The Stalker
S01E11The Stalker22.02.2016
S01E10Caught in the Act15.02.2016
S01E09Split Personalities08.02.2016
S01E08Sexual Awakening01.02.2016
S01E07The Grand Gesture25.01.2016
S01E06The Hurricane18.01.2016
S01E05The Rivals11.01.2016
S01E04The Kiss04.01.2016
S01E03Trapped in a Well28.12.2015
S01E02Evil Twin07.12.2015