The Path

The Path

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Tür: Drama

"The Path" is an upcoming American television drama series starring Hugh Dancy, Aaron Paul and Michelle Monaghan. The series was ordered by Hulu in March 2015 with a straight 10-episode-order. The series was originally titled The Way, but was changed to The Path in September 2015 due to legal reasons. Aaron Paul will play Eddie Cleary, a convert to a controversial movement with a wayward past. He's a husband (to "Sarah Cleary" played by Michelle Monaghan)

Yeni Bölüm 28.02.2018 S03E09 To Lift the Veil
Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 21.02.2018 S03E08 The Door
S03E13Episode 1328.03.2018
S03E12Episode 1221.03.2018
S03E11Episode 1114.03.2018
S03E10The Strongest Souls07.03.2018
S03E09To Lift the Veil28.02.2018
S03E08The Door21.02.2018
S03E07The Gardens at Giverny14.02.2018
S03E04De Rerum Natura24.01.2018
S03E02A Beast, No More17.01.2018
S03E01The Beginning17.01.2018