The Grill Iron

The Grill Iron

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Tür: Cooking,Family,Travel

Take a journey through America's food landscape as we explore tailgating traditions in some of the biggest college football towns in the country. We're meeting up with some of the best local chefs and challenging them to create epic tailgates inspired by their city's food culture in "The Grill Iron".

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 17.10.2015 S01E07 Alabama Pork Croquette and the Grill Iron Champion
S01E07Alabama Pork Croquette and the Grill Iron Champion17.10.2015
S01E06Penn State Pierogi and Arizona Sausage Sliders10.10.2015
S01E05Oregon Smoked Duck and Austin Grilled Fish03.10.2015
S01E04Los Angeles Breakfast Polenta and Thai Tailgate26.09.2015
S01E03Florida State Pork Loin and Tennessee Stuffed Quai19.09.2015
S01E02South Carolina Beef Ribs and Florida Fried Chicken12.09.2015
S01E01Michigan Coney Dogs and Ohio State Po' Boys (Pilot05.09.2015