By the Book

By the Book

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Tür: Comedy

Chip is determined to live a better life after a couple of life-altering events blindside him: finding out his wife is pregnant and losing his best friend. While searching for answers, he turns to the world's most popular book, The Bible. With nothing to lose, Chip decides to give living biblically a shot. He quickly discovers it may be harder to do in today's world than he thought. Knowing he'll need some practical advice, he and his wife assemble a "God Squad" to help him along the way. In

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 21.07.2018 S01E13 David and Goliath
S01E13David and Goliath21.07.2018
S01E12It's Better to Give Than to Receive14.07.2018
S01E11Thou Shalt Not Covet14.07.2018
S01E10Honor Thy Father26.03.2018
S01E09Never Let Loyalty Leave You07.07.2018
S01E08Submit to Thy Husband07.07.2018
S01E07Let Us Pray09.04.2018
S01E06Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness02.04.2018
S01E05Thou Shalt Not Steal19.03.2018
S01E04Love Thy Neighbor12.03.2018
S01E03Show Hospitality16.04.2018
S01E02False Idols05.03.2018