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Tür: Western

Notorious criminal Frank Griffin and his gang of outlaws are on a mission of revenge against Roy Goode, a son-like protégé who betrayed the brotherhood. While on the run, Roy seeks refuge with hardened widower Alice Fletcher, an outcast herself, in a worn-down, isolated mining town of La Belle, NM -- governed mainly by women. When word reaches La Belle that Griffin is headed their way, the town bands together to defend against the murderous gang in a lawless western frontier.

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 22.11.2017 S01E07 Homecoming
S01E06Dear Roy...22.11.2017
S01E05Shot the Head off a Snake22.11.2017
S01E04Fathers & Sons22.11.2017
S01E03Wisdom of the Horse22.11.2017
S01E02The Ladies of La Belle22.11.2017
S01E01An Incident at Creede22.11.2017