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Dizi Başlangıç Tarihi 11.10.2017 Dizi Bitiş Tarihi
Tür: Drama,Action,Romance

This new version of the original ABC hit series from the 1980's. Dynasty follows two of America's wealthiest families, the Carringtons and the Colbys, as they feud for control over their fortune and their children. The series will be told primarily through the perspectives of two women at odds: Fallon Carrington — daughter of billionaire Blake Carrington — and her soon-to-be stepmother, Cristal — a Hispanic woman marrying into this WASP family and America's most powerful class.

Yeni Bölüm 19.10.2018 S02E02 Ship of Vipers
Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 12.10.2018 S02E01 Twenty-Three Skidoo
S02E04Snowflakes in Hell02.11.2018
S02E03The Butler Did It26.10.2018
S02E02Ship of Vipers19.10.2018
S02E01Twenty-Three Skidoo12.10.2018