Suburra: La serie

Suburra: La serie

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Tür: Drama,Action,Crime,Thriller

Suburra is a crime thriller set in Rome that describes how the Church, the state, organized crime, local gangs and real estate developers collide and blur the lines between the legal and the illicit in their quest for power. At the heart of the story three young men with different backgrounds, ambitions and passions will have to forge alliances to achieve their deepest desire. Based on the novel of the same name but set several years before, Suburra the series, is full of action

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 22.02.2019 S02E08 Tell Me the Truth
S02E08Tell Me the Truth22.02.2019
S02E07Saints Peter and Paul22.02.2019
S02E06It's War22.02.2019
S02E05The Crib22.02.2019
S02E04Upside Down22.02.2019
S02E01Find Her22.02.2019