Tightrope! (1959)

Tightrope! (1959)

İMDB EpGuides
Dizi Başlangıç Tarihi 08.09.1959 Dizi Bitiş Tarihi 01.05.1960
Tür: Drama,Crime
Açıklama: An undercover government agent risks his life, under a different name each week, to bring down criminal gangs from within.
Yeni Bölüm
Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 31.05.1960 S01E37 Bullets and Ballet
S01E37Bullets and Ballet31.05.1960
S01E36A Matter of Money24.05.1960
S01E34The Hired Guns10.05.1960
S01E33The Horse Runs High03.05.1960
S01E32The Shark26.04.1960
S01E31The Penthouse Story19.04.1960
S01E30The Gangster's Daughter12.04.1960
S01E29Achilles and His Heels05.04.1960
S01E28The Chinese Pendant29.03.1960
S01E27Big Business15.03.1960
S01E26Park Avenue Story08.03.1960
S01E25First Time Out01.03.1960
S01E24The Brave Pigeon23.02.1960
S01E23The Long Odds16.02.1960
S01E22The Model and the Mobster09.02.1960
S01E21Three to Make Ready02.02.1960
S01E20Appointment in Jericho26.01.1960
S01E19Cold Ice19.01.1960
S01E18Broken Rope12.01.1960
S01E17Night of the Gun05.01.1960
S01E16Two Private Eyes29.12.1959
S01E15The Neon Wheel22.12.1959
S01E14Cold Kill15.12.1959
S01E13The Lady08.12.1959
S01E12The Perfect Circle01.12.1959
S01E11Black Tie Kill24.11.1959
S01E10The Money Fight17.11.1959
S01E09The Patsy10.11.1959
S01E08Man in the Middle03.11.1959
S01E07Music and Mink20.10.1959
S01E06Thousand Dollar Bill13.10.1959
S01E05The Cracking Point06.10.1959
S01E04Stand on Velvet29.09.1959
S01E03The Frame22.09.1959
S01E02The Casino15.09.1959
S01E01Getaway Day08.09.1959