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Tür: Drama,Romance,Thriller

Liar tells the story of a night that changes the lives of Laura Newell and Andrew Ellis forever. Laura is a smart and dedicated teacher, not long out of a relationship and unsure about getting back on the dating scene. Andrew is a renowned surgeon whose son is a pupil at Laura's school. An initial attraction leads to a date, but neither fully realises the far-reaching consequences that their meeting will have on each other or their families. Truth and consequences go hand in hand in a

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 16.10.2017 S01E06 The Marshes
S01E06The Marshes16.10.2017
S01E03White Rabbit25.09.2017
S01E02I Know You're Lying18.09.2017
S01E01The Date11.09.2017