Tin Star

Tin Star

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Tür: Drama,Crime,Thriller

A contemporary take on the Western genre, the ten-part drama tells the story of Jim Worth, an ex-Metropolitan Police detective who starts a new life in Canada's Rocky Mountains.

Set in a remote Canadian mountain town, where the opening of a new oil refinery fronted by the mysterious Mrs. Bradshaw introduces the small town to a world of drug-dealers, prostitution and organized crime. Police chief Jim Worth is thirsty for revenge after the murder of a member of his family.

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 24.01.2019 S02E10 The Unseen
S02E10The Unseen24.01.2019
S02E09Wild Flower24.01.2019
S02E08Subterranean Fire24.01.2019
S02E07Age of Anxiety24.01.2019
S02E06The Bagman Cometh24.01.2019
S02E05Jack and Coke24.01.2019
S02E03Resist Not Evil24.01.2019
S02E02Something Wicked This Way Comes24.01.2019
S02E01Prairie Gothic24.01.2019