The Pinkertons

The Pinkertons

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Tür: Crime,Western
Açıklama: In the aftermath of the American Civil War, the nation's first female detective opens an office in Kansas City for the Pinkertons, a father and sons who are in the process of creating a world-famous crime-solving agency by mixing traditional tactics with undercover work and new forensic technology.
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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 23.05.2015 S01E22 To the Death
S01E22To the Death23.05.2015
S01E21The Better Angels of Our Nature16.05.2015
S01E19Murder on the Western Express02.05.2015
S01E18Think of the Children25.04.2015
S01E17Forever Free18.04.2015
S01E16Mudd and Clay11.04.2015
S01E15On Account of Huckleberries14.03.2015
S01E14Old Pap07.03.2015
S01E13Frontier Desperados28.02.2015
S01E11The Devil's Trade14.02.2015
S01E10The Sweet Science07.02.2015
S01E09In Marm's Way31.01.2015
S01E08To the Sunset24.01.2015
S01E07The Case of the Dead Dog17.01.2015
S01E06Lines of Betrayal22.11.2014
S01E05The Hero of Liberty Gap08.11.2014
S01E04The Fourth Man25.10.2014
S01E03The Play's the Thing18.10.2014
S01E02Double Shot11.10.2014
S01E01Kansas City04.10.2014