Adventures of the Falcon

Adventures of the Falcon

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Dizi Başlangıç Tarihi 24.06.1954 Dizi Bitiş Tarihi 01.03.1955
Tür: Adventure
Açıklama: A former hardboiled private detective now works as an international troubleshooter for the U.S. government. Loosely based on the radio series.
Yeni Bölüm
Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 17.03.1955 S01E39 Burried Treasure
S01E39Burried Treasure17.03.1955
S01E38The Wheel of Fortune10.03.1955
S01E37Stevedore Kid03.03.1955
S01E36Dawn's Early Light24.02.1955
S01E35Small Hotel17.02.1955
S01E34Green Means Danger10.02.1955
S01E33Snake Eyes03.02.1955
S01E32Hot Cargo27.01.1955
S01E31Rare Editions20.01.1955
S01E29The Big Break06.01.1955
S01E28Eyes in My Back30.12.1954
S01E27The Reckoning23.12.1954
S01E26Invisible Destroyer16.12.1954
S01E25A Very Dangerous Bedfellow09.12.1954
S01E24The Paper Finger02.12.1954
S01E23The Golden Phony25.11.1954
S01E21False Faces11.11.1954
S01E20The Guilty Stamps04.11.1954
S01E19Murder with Hi-Fi28.10.1954
S01E18The Blond Bomber21.10.1954
S01E17The $4.98 Buddha14.10.1954
S01E16The Baby Sitter07.10.1954
S01E15Kiss Me Not30.09.1954
S01E14The Case of the Deadly Welcome23.09.1954
S01E13The Case of the Big Heist17.09.1954
S01E12Rocky's Asylum10.09.1954
S01E11Decision in Red03.09.1954
S01E10Out of All Evil26.08.1954
S01E09Tangiers Finale20.08.1954
S01E08The Case of the Lone Hunter13.08.1954
S01E07Picture in the Case06.08.1954
S01E06The Furious Lady07.08.1954
S01E05Double Identity27.07.1954
S01E04The Case of the Babbling Brook24.07.1954
S01E03Borderline Case30.06.1954
S01E02A Drug on the Market30.06.1954