Tyler Perry's House of Payne

Tyler Perry's House of Payne

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Dizi Başlangıç Tarihi 06.06.2007 Dizi Bitiş Tarihi 01.08.2012
Tür: Comedy,Drama,Family
Açıklama: When C.J. and his kids have to move in with his cranky uncle, three generations living under one roof cause complications.
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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 10.08.2012 S07E82 All's Well
S07E82All's Well10.08.2012
S07E81The Call Back10.08.2012
S07E80Trial and Tribulation03.08.2012
S07E79Payneful Realization03.08.2012
S07E78250th Episode: The Invention of Trust27.07.2012
S07E77The First Dance27.07.2012
S07E76Amazing Matriarchs20.07.2012
S07E75All Work and No Play20.07.2012
S07E74Not in the Cards06.07.2012
S07E73Payneful Distance06.07.2012
S07E72Dodging Bullies29.06.2012
S07E70Keep It Moving22.06.2012
S07E69House of OMG22.06.2012
S07E68Payneful Pop In15.06.2012
S07E67House of Sabotage15.06.2012
S07E66Up to the Challenge08.06.2012
S07E65Payneful Divorce08.06.2012
S07E64The Loan Ranger01.06.2012
S07E63Right Turn01.06.2012
S07E62What You Know About Me25.05.2012
S07E61Payneful Matrimony25.05.2012
S07E60Batter Up18.05.2012
S07E59Payneful Injection18.05.2012
S07E58No Pass11.05.2012
S07E56Down for the Count09.03.2012
S07E55Neighborhood Crisis09.03.2012
S07E54If It Ain't Broke02.03.2012
S07E53House of Forced Closure02.03.2012
S07E52Guess Who Came to Breakfast17.02.2012
S07E51Payne vs. Payne17.02.2012
S07E50Scars of Payne17.02.2012
S07E49Pills and Thrills17.02.2012
S07E48Daddy Day Scare10.02.2012
S07E46In Payne03.02.2012
S07E45House of Nightmares03.02.2012
S07E44Payneful Recovery27.01.2012
S07E43Payne-ful Survival27.01.2012
S07E42R.I.P. - Rest In Payne20.01.2012
S07E41Do or Die20.01.2012
S07E40God Bless the Paynes13.01.2012
S07E39No More Payne13.01.2012
S07E38Do The Hustle06.01.2012
S07E37Paynefully Fit06.01.2012
S07E36Help Me30.12.2011
S07E35Pledging Paynes30.12.2011
S07E34Roommate Paynes02.12.2011
S07E33Mentoring Paynes02.12.2011
S07E32The Rich and Payneless25.11.2011
S07E31Dead Wrong25.11.2011
S07E30Curtis Jefferson18.11.2011
S07E29Working Paynes18.11.2011
S07E28The Best Surprise11.11.2011
S07E27Number Five's Fight11.11.2011
S07E25Do the Fight Thing04.11.2011
S07E24The Gifted and the Grout28.10.2011
S07E23The Payne Gang28.10.2011
S07E22Up From the Ashes21.10.2011
S07E21A Mother's Payne21.10.2011
S07E20Payneful Rescue15.06.2011
S07E19So Hard to Say Goodbye08.06.2011
S07E18Mother's Day Out01.06.2011
S07E16Talented Paynes18.05.2011
S07E15Foster Paynes18.05.2011
S07E14Brain Payne11.05.2011
S07E13House of Awkward11.05.2011
S07E12Payneful Assistance04.05.2011
S07E11A Payneful Night Out04.05.2011
S07E10Dream Girls27.04.2011
S07E09Love Thy Neighbor27.04.2011
S07E08Shout Out20.04.2011
S07E07Praying for Attention20.04.2011
S07E06Epic Fail13.04.2011
S07E05Where There's a Will13.04.2011
S07E04Payneful Visit06.04.2011
S07E03Payne Protection06.04.2011
S07E02Growing Paynes30.03.2011
S07E01Payneful Resolution Resolution30.03.2011