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Tür: Romance,Sci-Fi
Açıklama: Romance develops between a human girl and an alien boy when an attempt is made to integrate eight of his kind into a suburban high school after their spacecraft crash-landed a decade earlier.
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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 12.05.2014 S01E13 Passion Lends Them Power
S01E13Passion Lends Them Power12.05.2014
S01E12This Trick May Chance to Scathe You05.05.2014
S01E11Give Me a Torch28.04.2014
S01E10What Storm Is This That Blows So21.04.2014
S01E09Some Consequence Yet Hanging in the Stars14.04.2014
S01E08An Old Accustom'd Feast07.04.2014
S01E07To Seek a Foe31.03.2014
S01E06Stabbed with a White Wench's Black Eye24.03.2014
S01E05Dreamers Often Lie17.03.2014
S01E04And Left No Friendly Drop10.03.2014
S01E03Our Toil Shall Strive to Mend03.03.2014
S01E02These Violent Delights…24.02.2014