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Dizi Başlangıç Tarihi 05.01.1958 Dizi Bitiş Tarihi 01.01.1959
Tür: Adventure
Açıklama: A knight returned from the Crusades vows to help those oppressed by the tyranny of the usurper Prince John.
Yeni Bölüm
Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 04.01.1959 S01E39 The Devil's Dungeon
S01E39The Devil's Dungeon04.01.1959
S01E38The Circus28.12.1958
S01E37The Fledgling21.12.1958
S01E36The Princess14.12.1958
S01E35The Swindler07.12.1958
S01E34The Monk30.11.1958
S01E33The Raven23.11.1958
S01E32The Night Raiders16.11.1958
S01E313 Days to Worcester09.11.1958
S01E30The Gentle Jester26.10.1958
S01E29The Cattle Killers19.10.1958
S01E28Arms and the Woman05.10.1958
S01E27The Masons28.09.1958
S01E25The Masked Bandits07.09.1958
S01E24Search for Gold31.08.1958
S01E23The Double-Edged Sword24.08.1958
S01E22By Hook or By Crook17.08.1958
S01E21Treasures from Cathay10.08.1958
S01E20The Kidnapping27.07.1958
S01E19Widow of Woodcote20.07.1958
S01E17The Weavers21.06.1958
S01E16Brothers in Arms14.06.1958
S01E15Murder at the Inn12.04.1958
S01E14The Prisoner in the Tower05.04.1958
S01E13The Ransom29.03.1958
S01E12Ragen's Forge23.03.1958
S01E11The Escape16.03.1958
S01E10Lyman the Pieman09.03.1958
S01E08Face to Face23.02.1958
S01E07German Knight16.02.1958
S01E06The Witness09.02.1958
S01E05Whipping Boy02.02.1958
S01E04Black Boar26.01.1958
S01E03Wedding Cake19.01.1958
S01E02Slave Traders12.01.1958
S01E01Freeing the Serfs05.01.1958