I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy

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Dizi Başlangıç Tarihi 15.10.1951 Dizi Bitiş Tarihi 01.05.1957
Tür: Comedy,Family
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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm S01E00 Pilot
S01E35Ricky Asks for a Raise09.06.1952
S01E34Ricky Thinks He's Getting Bald02.06.1952
S01E33Lucy's Schedule26.05.1952
S01E32Lucy Gets Ricky on the Radio19.05.1952
S01E31The Publicity Agent12.05.1952
S01E30Lucy Does a TV Commercial05.05.1952
S01E29The Freezer28.04.1952
S01E28Cuban Pals21.04.1952
S01E27The Kleptomaniac14.04.1952
S01E26The Marriage License07.04.1952
S01E25Pioneer Women31.03.1952
S01E24The Gossip24.03.1952
S01E23The Moustache17.03.1952
S01E22Fred and Ethel Fight10.03.1952
S01E21New Neighbors03.03.1952
S01E20The Young Fans25.02.1952
S01E19The Ballet18.02.1952
S01E18Breaking the Lease11.02.1952
S01E17Lucy Writes a Play04.02.1952
S01E16Lucy Fakes Illness28.01.1952
S01E15Lucy Plays Cupid21.01.1952
S01E14The Amateur Hour14.01.1952
S01E13The Benefit07.01.1952
S01E12The Adagio31.12.1951
S01E10Lucy is Jealous of Girl Singer17.12.1951
S01E09The Fur Coat10.12.1951
S01E08Men are Messy03.12.1951
S01E07The Séance26.11.1951
S01E06The Audition19.11.1951
S01E05The Quiz Show12.11.1951
S01E04Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her05.11.1951
S01E03The Diet29.10.1951
S01E02Be a Pal22.10.1951
S01E01The Girls Want to Go to a Nightclub15.10.1951