Amos Burke--Secret Agent

Amos Burke--Secret Agent

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Dizi Başlangıç Tarihi 20.09.1963 Dizi Bitiş Tarihi 01.01.1966
Tür: Action,Adventure,Crime
Açıklama: Solving murders among the Hollywood elite is the job of a millionaire chief of detectives who arrives at the scene of the crime in his chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce.
Yeni Bölüm
Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 12.01.1966 S03E17 Terror in a Tiny Town (2)
S03E17Terror in a Tiny Town (2)12.01.1966
S03E16Terror in a Tiny Town (1)05.01.1966
S03E15A Very Important Russian is Missing29.12.1965
S03E14A Little Gift for Cairo22.12.1965
S03E13Or No Tomorrow15.12.1965
S03E12The Man's Men08.12.1965
S03E11Whatever Happend to Adriana01.12.1965
S03E10Deadlier Than the Male17.11.1965
S03E09The Weapon10.11.1965
S03E07The Prisoners of Mr. Sin27.10.1965
S03E06Nightmare in the Sun20.10.1965
S03E05The Man with the Power13.10.1965
S03E04Password to Death06.10.1965
S03E03Steam Heat29.09.1965
S03E02Operation Long Shadow22.09.1965
S03E01Balance of Terror15.09.1965