The Breaks

The Breaks

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Tür: Drama,Music

The Breaks series picks up where the successful VH1 original movie leaves off. It is 1990 in New York City at the height of rap's "Golden Age" of creativity, but corporate America has been hesitant to embrace the genre. Nikki lands a dream job as the assistant to the legendary and out-of-control Barry Fouray. Her best friend and producer DeeVee is working with rapper Ahm who is currently under investigation by the police for murder. How far will these driven young people go t

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 10.04.2017 S01E08 N.T.
S01E07Under Pressure03.04.2017
S01E05Amen, Brother20.03.2017
S01E03Blind Alley06.03.2017
S01E02It's Just Begun27.02.2017
S01E01Hard to Handle20.02.2017