The Deputy

The Deputy

İMDB EpGuides
Dizi Başlangıç Tarihi 12.09.1959 Dizi Bitiş Tarihi 01.07.1961
Tür: Western
Yeni Bölüm
Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 01.07.1961 S02E37 Lawman's Conscience
S02E37Lawman's Conscience01.07.1961
S02E36Lorinda Belle24.06.1961
S02E35Brand of Honesty10.06.1961
S02E34The Deathly Quiet27.05.1961
S02E33The Legend of Dixie20.05.1961
S02E32An Enemy of the Town06.05.1961
S02E31Spoken in Silence29.04.1961
S02E30The Return of Widow Brown22.04.1961
S02E29Brother in Arms15.04.1961
S02E28Tension Point08.04.1961
S02E27Cherchez La Femme01.04.1961
S02E26The Example25.03.1961
S02E25The Means and the End18.03.1961
S02E24Two-Way Deal11.03.1961
S02E23Edge of Doubt04.03.1961
S02E22The Challenger25.02.1961
S02E21The Lonely Road18.02.1961
S02E20Shackled Town11.02.1961
S02E19The Dream04.02.1961
S02E18The Hard Decision28.01.1961
S02E17Past and Present21.01.1961
S02E16The Lesson14.01.1961
S02E15Duty Bound07.01.1961
S02E14The Judas Town31.12.1960
S02E13Second Cousin to the Czar24.12.1960
S02E12Day of Fear17.12.1960
S02E11The Three Brothers10.12.1960
S02E10Sally Tornado (aka Lady For A Hanging)03.12.1960
S02E09The World Against Me26.11.1960
S02E08Passage to New Orleans19.11.1960
S02E07The Higher Law12.11.1960
S02E06Bitter Root05.11.1960
S02E05Mother and Son29.10.1960
S02E04The Fatal Orge15.10.1960
S02E03The Jason Harris Story08.10.1960
S02E02Meet Sergeant Tasker01.10.1960
S02E01The Deadly Breed24.09.1960