Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome

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Two thousand years ago, one civilisation held the entire Western world in its grasp. From Northern Europe to Africa and the Middle East. It imposed laws, ideas and a single language. Rome was the super power of the ancient world. Indeed later super powers never stopped learning the lessons of her spectacular rise and fall. Rome truly was a colossal empire. During the rise of the Roman Empire, it was not always easy to separate virtue from vice, or hero from villain. Indeed, all too often, the

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 05.11.2007 S01E08 Hidden History
S01E08Hidden History05.11.2007
S01E07Letters from the Roman Front05.11.2007
S01E06The Fall of the Roman Empire05.11.2007
S01E05Cult of Order05.11.2007
S01E04Grasp of an Empire05.11.2007
S01E03Seduction of Power05.11.2007
S01E02Legions of Conquest05.11.2007
S01E01Rise of the Roman Empire05.11.2007