The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

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Dizi Başlangıç Tarihi 30.08.2019 Dizi Bitiş Tarihi
Tür: Drama,Adventure,Fantasy

When three Gelfling discover the horrifying secret behind the Skeksis' power, they set out on an epic journey to ignite the fires of rebellion and try to save their world.

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 30.08.2019 S01E10 A Single Piece Was Lost
S01E10A Single Piece Was Lost30.08.2019
S01E09The Crystal Calls30.08.2019
S01E08Prophets Don't Know Everything30.08.2019
S01E07Time to Make ... My Move30.08.2019
S01E06By Gelfling Hand ...30.08.2019
S01E05She Knows All the Secrets30.08.2019
S01E04The First Thing I Remember Is Fire30.08.2019
S01E03What Was Sundered and Undone30.08.2019
S01E02Nothing Is Simple Anymore30.08.2019
S01E01End. Begin. All the Same.30.08.2019