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Tür: Drama,Comedy,Romance

BH90210 comes with a big twist: Priestley, Garth, Ziering, Carteris, Green and Spelling will play heightened versions of themselves in a brand-new serialized drama – with a healthy dose of irreverence – that is inspired by their real lives and relationships.

Having gone their separate ways since the original series ended 19 years ago, Jason, Jennie, Ian, Gabrielle, Brian and Tori reunite when one of them suggests it's time to get a "Beverly Hills, 90210" reboot up and running. Bu

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 11.09.2019 S01E06 The Long Wait
S01E06The Long Wait11.09.2019
S01E05Picture's Up04.09.2019
S01E04The Table Read28.08.2019
S01E03The Photo Shoot21.08.2019
S01E02The Pitch14.08.2019
S01E01The Reunion07.08.2019