The Outpost

The Outpost

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Dizi Başlangıç Tarihi 10.07.2018 Dizi Bitiş Tarihi
Tür: Drama,Fantasy,Supernatural

The Outpost centers on Talon, who is the lone survivor of a race called "Blackbloods". When she sets off to the edge of civilization to track her family's killers, she discovers she possesses a mysterious supernatural power that she must learn to control.

Yeni Bölüm 29.08.2019 S02E08 A Crown For The Queen
Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 22.08.2019 S02E07 Where You Go, People Die
S02E09There will be a Reckoning05.09.2019
S02E08A Crown For The Queen29.08.2019
S02E07Where You Go, People Die22.08.2019
S02E06Because She's Worth It15.08.2019
S02E05The Blade of The Three08.08.2019
S02E04Regarding the Matter of Garret Spears01.08.2019
S02E03Not In My Kingdom25.07.2019
S02E02This Is One Strange Town18.07.2019
S02E01We Only Kill to Survive11.07.2019