The Detectives

The Detectives

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Tür: Drama,Crime

The Detectives is a gripping true crime series that brings to life the real investigations of Canadian detectives by blending first-person interviews with scripted drama. Each episode features a different detective telling the story of a real case in Canada that not only challenged them like no other, but also had a lasting impact on Canadian society and law enforcement. In bringing intimate, raw interviews with detectives together with dramatization, the series offers an eye-opening a

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 08.11.2018 S02E08 Master Manipulator
S02E08Master Manipulator08.11.2018
S02E06The Last Fare25.10.2018
S02E05Small Town Murder18.10.2018
S02E03Nine Shots04.10.2018
S02E02The Second Chance27.09.2018
S02E01The Walk Home20.09.2018