Apple Tree House

Apple Tree House

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Tür: Drama,Adventure,Children

Apple Tree House is a preschool drama series that follows Mali, an ordinary boy who has just moved on to an extraordinary inner city estate, where he meets his new best friend Sam, the daughter of the estate's caretaker. Together they solve daily problems and overcome childhood dilemmas - all within the safety net of their loving families and the inspirational Apple Tree community that surrounds them.

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 05.07.2019 S03E25 Random Acts of Kindness
S03E25Random Acts of Kindness05.07.2019
S03E23New Year03.07.2019
S03E21The Temporary Caretaker01.07.2019
S03E20Scaredy Cat28.06.2019
S03E19The Piano27.06.2019
S03E18The Grand Finale26.06.2019
S03E17Busy Gran25.06.2019
S03E16Daddy's Friend24.06.2019
S03E15Driving Lessons31.05.2019
S03E14The Gadget30.05.2019
S03E12Night Birds28.05.2019
S03E10Good to Talk24.05.2019
S03E09The Interview23.05.2019
S03E08Girls Don't Do That22.05.2019
S03E07Terrible Twos21.05.2019
S03E06Short Term Friends20.05.2019
S03E05The School Photo17.05.2019
S03E04Spilled Milkshake16.05.2019
S03E03The Week That Went Wrong15.05.2019
S03E02Crazy Golf14.05.2019
S03E01The Grass is Always Greener13.05.2019