Apple Tree House

Apple Tree House

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Tür: Drama,Adventure,Children

Apple Tree House is a preschool drama series that follows Mali, an ordinary boy who has just moved on to an extraordinary inner city estate, where he meets his new best friend Sam, the daughter of the estate's caretaker. Together they solve daily problems and overcome childhood dilemmas - all within the safety net of their loving families and the inspirational Apple Tree community that surrounds them.

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 14.09.2018 S02E25 Hamster Holiday
S02E25Hamster Holiday14.09.2018
S02E24The Tap Shoes13.09.2018
S02E23News Day12.09.2018
S02E22Poetry in Motion11.09.2018
S02E21Football Versus Cricket10.09.2018
S02E20Show and Tell07.09.2018
S02E19Footy Friends06.09.2018
S02E18Superhero Rules05.09.2018
S02E17After School Club04.09.2018
S02E16Little Landmarks03.09.2018
S02E15Party Dress08.06.2018
S02E13Sports Day06.06.2018
S02E12Perfect Plans05.06.2018
S02E10The Sound of Home01.06.2018
S02E09Tall Tales31.05.2018
S02E08Creating Colour30.05.2018
S02E07Kobi Time29.05.2018
S02E05Busy Bees25.05.2018
S02E04Dream Catcher24.05.2018
S02E02Old Apple Tree22.05.2018
S02E01Home Holiday21.05.2018