Mary Kills People

Mary Kills People

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Tür: Drama

Set in the morally grey world of assisted suicide, Mary Kills People is an intense, controversial, and thought-provoking drama. The series follows Dr. Mary Harris, a single mother and emergency doctor by day, who also moonlights as an underground angel of death — helping terminally ill patients who want to die and slip away on their own terms. So far Mary has managed to stay under the radar; but business is booming, and her double life is getting complicated. When her wo

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 16.06.2019 S03E06 A Goddamned Saint
S03E06A Goddamned Saint16.06.2019
S03E05Wolf, Meet Henhouse09.06.2019
S03E04Switzerland Has Trees02.06.2019
S03E03No Happy Endings Here26.05.2019
S03E02Girl Problems19.05.2019
S03E01The Key to Faith12.05.2019