In the Long Run

In the Long Run

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Tür: Comedy,Family

The comedy, inspired by the childhood memories of Idris Elba follows the story of Walter and Agnes Easmon whose life is all about quiet routine. They arrived from Sierra Leone 13 years ago and work hard to pay the bills, raise son Kobna as well as support their family back home.

But when Walter's brother, Valentine, comes to stay, his exuberance and lust for life changes everything. Looking to make a life for himself in the UK, he crashes into their lives bringing laughter, music and ch

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 29.03.2018 S01E06 Episode Six
S01E06Episode Six29.03.2018
S01E05Episode Five29.03.2018
S01E04Episode Four29.03.2018
S01E03Episode Three29.03.2018
S01E02Episode Two29.03.2018
S01E01Episode One29.03.2018