The Paynes

The Paynes

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Dizi Başlangıç Tarihi 16.01.2018 Dizi Bitiş Tarihi
Tür: Comedy

After years of raising their family in Atlanta, Ella and Curtis enter their retirement years. At a time when most couples are slowing down, Curtis decides it's time to mix things up with a change of scenery. Thus, in Curtis Payne fashion, Curtis puts the wheels in motion for an epic move, but he forgets one important detail consulting his wife. Nevertheless, Curtis and Ella take a trip to the fictitious town of Sun Coast, Florida to attend the funeral of Curtis' Uncle Robert. Unknown to Ella,

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Son Yayınlanan Bölüm 30.11.2018 S01E38 Payneful Choices
S01E38Payneful Choices30.11.2018
S01E37A Giraffe and a Bull23.11.2018
S01E36Social Media'd16.11.2018
S01E35Payneful Partnership09.11.2018
S01E34A Payneful Proposition02.11.2018
S01E33A Conundrum26.10.2018
S01E32Payneful Business19.10.2018
S01E30A Payneful Confrontation05.10.2018
S01E28A Payneful Hunch21.09.2018
S01E27No Sticks or Bricks14.09.2018
S01E26No Room for Payne07.09.2018
S01E25An Impasse31.08.2018
S01E24The Outsiders24.08.2018
S01E23Girl Talk17.08.2018
S01E22Home Alone10.08.2018
S01E21Payneful Situations03.08.2018
S01E20A Payne Family Secret27.07.2018
S01E19A Payneful Bounce20.07.2018
S01E18Making Her Honest04.05.2018
S01E17Secret Lovers27.04.2018
S01E16Date Night20.04.2018
S01E15Keep The Payne Away13.04.2018
S01E14A Payneful Cry06.04.2018
S01E13A Payneful Dispute30.03.2018
S01E12Payneful Repairs23.03.2018
S01E11Making Repairs16.03.2018
S01E10Lynn's Punishment09.03.2018
S01E09The World Wide Payne02.03.2018
S01E08A Payneful Night23.02.2018
S01E07Better Than Nothing16.02.2018
S01E06The Waiting Game09.02.2018
S01E05A Fugitive in Payne02.02.2018
S01E04Cleaning Up the Payne26.01.2018
S01E03A Confrontation of Payne19.01.2018
S01E02Revelations of Payne16.01.2018
S01E01A Surprise for the Paynes16.01.2018